Accounting & Auditing

When it comes to accounting and auditing, Twohig and Co doesn’t just look at the books, we also look at your business.

We prepare a comprehensive audit report that highlights both problems and opportunities. This gives you a clear picture of any issues that need to be taken care of, so you can deal with them and focus on developing your business.

The preparation of accounts combined with a thorough audit is at the core of our service offering. As registered auditors, we aim to provide a personalised service that many of the larger firms are simply not able to offer you.

Our experienced and skilled team will manage the compliance element promptly and efficiently.
We also work closely with you to understand your short and long term business goals so that we can bring to your attention any problem areas or potential opportunities to improve the performance of your business. At this point, we can review those areas and provide you with sound, practical advice.

Statutory Audit

We believe that our clients view the audit as more than just a regulatory requirement. We make it our priority to meet with our clients to discuss audit findings and draw attention to any improvements you can make to your business. Given our long history of dealing with financial institutions and the Revenue Commissioners, our audit reports are well respected providing our clients and their shareholders with peace of mind.

However you like to work,Twohig & Co Accountants have the solution to make your life easier. Our packages have been designed to meet all your needs, freeing up your time to concentrate on being the expert that led you to contracting in the first place.

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