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If you are currently operating under an umbrella company structure or through your own limited company it is easy to make the switch over to us.
We can advise you on the best option for you. All you have to do is contact us and we take care of the switch over to us.

Your Steps

For Initial Setup, upload Contractors Details Form
or contact us by phone (021-4895200)
or email (

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Going forward either by email or through the Twohig & Co App, forward your time sheet to us

Why choose a Personal Limited Company?

  • It is your own personal Ltd company and you are
    the 100% owner of your own company.
  • Greater flexibility to manage and control your finances.
  • Claim tax relief on business expenses to increase your take home pay.
  • Allows financial planning for retirement.
  • Allows you qualify for the state old age contributory pension.

Twohig & Co Steps

Step 1

We exchange Contract with your Agency

Step 2

We setup your own company Bank Account where Twohig & Co have online accesss to process payments

Step 3

We send on invoices on your behalf to your agency

Step 4

We pay wages to your
personal bank account

Step 5

We email payslip together with ‘money reconciliation’ document to you

Step 6

At the end of the tax year, we will issue your Form P60 and complete your personal and Company tax return.

Twohig & Co Accountants have the solution to make your life easier.

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