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Every enterprise, personal and corporate, including not-for-profits, has taxation considerations. As each year passes, the authorities improve their methods and refine their approach. It is critical that the tax affairs of all such entities in such circumstances are fully understood and properly addressed. By its nature, tax legislation changes year to year and the interpretation of that legislation also evolves. This is the challenge that faces all taxpayers. It is very important that the challenge is balanced by an approach based on sound principles. Our approach falls into two areas – compliance and planning.


Tax compliance involves knowing what taxes apply to you and returning those taxes on time and in full. At Twohig & Co., we approach this work in an organised and timely way. This ensures that you only pay the tax that is properly due, reclaim all credits available and have the greatest possible period of time between discovering any liability and paying that liability. Commercial life contains enough surprises without the shock of a tax liability payable forthwith. We will tell you if you have a liability, how much it is and the latest date by which it must be paid.
Compliance work includes, but is not limited to, attending to payroll taxes, income tax, corporation tax, VAT, LPT, capital gains tax and capital acquisition tax.


We recommend proposals that meet your circumstances and are approved under Revenue guidance. By looking ahead and applying our expertise, we will guide matters to the point of least tax.

Revenue audits

Revenue, as part of its management of the tax system, carries out Revenue Audits on a risk analysis basis and random basis. We will meet Revenue and represent your interests. Our dealings with the Revenue over the years have given us an insight into the evolving approach adopted and the areas of most interest to Revenue in its work in this sector.

Arrears cases

From time to time, we are approached by taxpayers who, for a variety of reasons, have allowed taxation matters to fall behind. We offer a full service, advising on an approach, calculating liabilities and agreeing those sums and payment terms with the authorities.

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