Umbrella Company

An Umbrella Company is a managed company already in place that allows you commence contracting immediately.
This is most suitable for people new to contracting or on a short term contract.

Your Steps

For Initial Setup, upload Contractors Details Form
or contact us by phone (021-4895200)
or email (

Download Form

Going forward either by email or through the Twohig & Co App, forward your time sheet to us

Why choose a Umbrella Ltd Company?

  • Meets the requirements of your agency to allow you become a Contractor.
  • Provides a managed solution that allows you become self -employed.
  • Claim tax relief on business expenses to increase your take home pay.
  • The Umbrella Company is already in place thus there are no set up and wind down fees.
  • Allows you qualify for the state old age contributory pension.

Twohig & Co Steps

Step 1

We exchange Contract with your Agency

Step 2

We send on invoices on your behalf to your agency

Step 3

We pay wages to your
personal bank account

Step 4

We email payslip together with ‘money reconciliation’ document to you

Step 5

At the end of the tax year, we will issue your Form P60 and complete your personal and Company tax return.

Twohig & Co Accountants have the solution to make your life easier.

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