Why Us

Our Team has been involved in providing accountancy solutions for Contractors over 20 years. We are available to meet and discuss your individual situation and advise what solution is best for you. Time is precious so we aim to do everything to help you so you can concentrate on your work.

However you choose to work, our approach delivers all the benefits of being self- employed, whilst minimising your administrative workload and keeping you safe by providing everything you need from straight forward accounting to professional financial advice.

Our specialist advisors are available to advise you every step of the way through your self- employed journey.

We have the experience, expertise and insights to help give you freedom to earn. We know what is important for Contractors. We know there are great reasons to work as a Contractor. Only downfall is the constant need to watch your finances and stay on top of your accounts.

We are very proud of our new up-to-date technology with honest and friendly advice to provide the best possible service when it comes to accounting for Contractors. If you choose to work as a limited company, with our new technology you’ll always have quick access to detailed account information to help you make the best decision. It’s easy to submit expenses, timesheets, track invoices and payslips all through an app on your phone.

Twohig & Co Accountants have the solution to make your life easier.

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